Cooking Sprays

Keep your food and mood light.

Our favourite foods are irresistible. And often packed with fatty ingredients, calories and all those dietary evils. After feasting on these, don’t we all feel that familiar twinge of guilt? Not to mention heavy, sluggish, and lazy. It’s no wonder then we are always stuck in the age-old dilemma of taste vs. health.

But, with Ray Cooking Spray asks a question that ends this eternal debate – why choose?

Meet the answer for every foodie, every fitness enthusiast and everyone in between. A kitchen essential for today that looks after tomorrow.
Cooking Sprays
  • Contorl your calorie intake with a unique & percise spray mechanism. 2 cal/spray
  • Reduces fat content in food by 80%. Reduces oil consumption to 1/10th
  • Pure natural oil only No propellants and preservatives.
  • Recommended for high cholestrol heart problems, obesity and for regular everyday use.
Cooking Sprays

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